Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20 Weeks...Half Way There!

What is it about the 20 week mark that suddenly makes you feel oh-so-pregnant?

Bending over isn't as easy as it used to be and it makes me dizzy, too.  Getting off the couch is actually a chore and flopping onto it is less fun and more of a necessity.  Today in particular the hunger has not ended.  Which is a nice change considering that most days I still don't feel much like eating.  And speaking of eating, my stomach actually looks like it's carrying a baby and not just an extra serving of doughnuts.  (Mmmmm...doughnuts.)  And since when did sitting up straight get so exhausting?

Don't think I'm complaining...I'm enjoying it...for the most part.  :)  And really, the most exciting thing that started going strong this week was being able to feel the baby move.  And boy can that baby move!  I swear he's swimming from the bottom of my uterus to the top.  It's crazy and I love it!

Hopefully, this weekend we'll get a lot done in the nursery.  Last weekend was supposed to be the start of it, but I think I got my poor hubby sick.  (Opps - sorry, Drew!  Comes with working with snotty, dirty kids that never wash their hands.)  But since I've finally gone through all four bags FULL of baby clothes from friends, I have got to have a place to put them!  Right now, they are strewn about the hearth & on one of the living room chairs.

Clothes to Keep, Organized by Age...

Clothes to Donate...

As soon as that nursery is cleaned out, I'll be posting lots of pictures of what I'm doing.  But for now, I'm going to stretch out on the couch since Hamish seems to want attention...or more room to swim.


Mom said...

Show me the baby!! (Bump pic, please.)

Abbey Lile-Taylor said...

I'll try and remember to have Drew take a picture this weekend. :)