Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pickin' Pumpkins by the Seashore

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to travel to the coast!  We love to visit one of our old haunts to pick pumpkins every year:  Rodoni Farms.  When we lived in Davenport, it would make my whole day when I saw them putting their pumpkins out.  That meant it was truly the start of fall and of the Best Five Months of the Year!

We picked four pumpkins this year...two of which are HUGE!    They're so pretty, I kinda don't want to carve 'em up.  Especially the Fairytale ones.  They're almost too squat-y to carve anyway and this will be a nice excuse to keep then around through Thanksgiving.

While we were over the hill, we also trekked back to Davenport's Roadhouse for a late lunch.  Their menu is never the same since they change it up to work with what's seasonal and what's local.  It's such a smart set up.  It does mean, however, that their menu is very small...which can be tough for a gluten-free pregnant girl.  I still ate a delicious salad and was introduced to a new vegetable:  Watermelon Radish.  They were raw & thinly sliced over the salad.  Who knew I'd actually love them?  They're called that because when you look at the slices, the edges are a marbled green, then a layer of white, then the middle section is a deep pink/red.  I just hope we can actually find them at the store because, let's face it, it's rare to find a vegetable that I will voluntarily eat.

We also got to stop at Donnelly's Chocolates for a little treat.  Mine have already been eaten - I have no self control.  If we haven't taken you there when you visit, DEMAND that we do next time you're in.  It's, hands-down, the best chocolate I've ever eaten...and I've had my fair share of chocolate in my day.

And, of course, while we were pumpkin picking, we had to take a "bump" picture to show off being at 22 weeks.

Pretty good day when you get to take a picture in front 
of a hill of pumpkins AND the ocean!

Drew is so camera shy...these couple shots are the 
only ones I can convince him to be in!

Great Day!


Joobie said...

Well, I asked for a side by side pregnant lady / pumpkin comparison, but I'll settle for your cute bump picture. Glad you had such a wonderful day!

Mom said...

All three of you look great! Though I swear, with those camera-directed-toward-you shots, you and Drew are just photo-shopping in beautiful backgrounds. :)

So good to see you all having such a wonderful day!

Love you. And thanks for the baby bump pics.