Friday, December 7, 2012

Nursery Fun!

Today I hit 30 weeks.  Whoa.  Yeah.  It's real, people.

Here's what makes it even more real...we picked our baby's birthday!  Baby Boy Taylor will be born on Monday, February 11th at 11:30am.  Wow.  So. Real.

Yeah, maybe we should get the nursery done?  Yeah.  We're still looking into getting all the electrical done, so we've just continued waiting and waiting and waiting...and it is KILLING ME!  Ugh.

So I try to make myself feel better by making a virtual baby room on my MoodBoard app.  I just adore everything I've picked out and I Cannot Wait to put it all together!

But Where Did It All Come From?

-Jenny Lind Crib :: Amazon
-Changing Table/Dresser :: Ikea
-Braided Rug :: Zulily
-Curtains :: Pendleton Woolen Mills
-Glider Chair/Ottoman with Slipcovers :: Land of Nod
-Book Shelves :: JCPenny (previously owned)
-Star Quilt :: Pottery Barn Kids
-Star Mobile :: Pottery Barn Kids
-Fox Lamp Shade :: Lush Designs
-Cardboard Deer Head :: Therapy
-Uncle Milton Moon in My Room :: Amazon
-Let's Sleep Under the Stars print :: Etsy
-Tomorrow to Fresh Woods... print :: Etsy
-All Good Things are Wild... print :: Etsy
-Owl pillow :: Land of Nod
-Log pillow :: Land of Nod
-Plaid pillows :: Pottery Barn
-Lantern Night Light :: Land of Nod
-Raccoon stuffed animal :: Land of Nod
-Philbin teddy bear :: Amazon
-Fox stuffed animal :: Anthropologie

I'm pretty sure that once the room is finished, I will never want to leave it!  I can see myself sitting in that chair and reading and rocking...all this, of course, before the baby gets here.  :)  I just want the room to be cozy...I hope Baby Taylor thinks it is.


Julie Beckmann Veltman said...

I definitely sat in the glider in Linc's room reading to myself (and sometimes aloud to him) before he arrived. Ain't no shame in it! It's good practice.

The room looks lovely, and yes, cozy. I think your little man will be very happy there. You'll spend quite a bit of time there too, so it's important that Mama likes it also! :)

Mom said...

Getting the electric done first sounds like a good idea! Hang in there, you'll be enjoying it soon.