Monday, August 20, 2012

Bump Watch 2012

I've been waiting and waiting for that bump to officially pop up and I think this is the week!

Since very early on in the pregnancy, I've definitely been rocking the maternity pants...the bloating has been crazy.  I start my day looking normal and then by the evening I look at least 5 months pregnant.  Seriously.

But starting a couple of days ago, I noticed that I was waking up with more of a belly that I had previously.  I tried to suck it in, but only the very top of my stomach would go in and the bottom half just kinda...moved.  It was strange, but pretty darn great at the same time.  Ahhhh...a little confirmation that things are still going well in there.

You've probably noticed that I have not posted anything on Facebook/Google+ just yet.  I'm still just too terrified to.  We've told those that we want to know...and those are also people that, if something were to happen (knock on wood!), we wouldn't mind telling that to, either.  But I'm not sure I would be ready to tell the world wide web if something went wrong.

I know that I've been given the okay by the doctor and I've reached 14 weeks...the "official" 3 month mark, but after this last year with it's 2 miscarriages, it's just too hard to relax completely into this pregnancy.  Why do I have to be such a worrier??


Aunt Adele said...

You will relax eventually, and the first time you Really feel movement, you will fall SO in love that the feeling will be like nothing you've ever felt before. Love you, and Drew,and a great pregnancy and happy baby are unreservedly deserved for you both.

Aunt Adele said...

I thought maybe I was sounding too Pollyana-ish (is that a word?); you are certainly entitled to your worry. But you have a good doctor with a good handle on your situation. This time sounds more secure and positive on every level. You'll take care of yourself and Baby Taylor, and Drew will look out for you both. And you have so many prayers and good thoughts with you all. It's hard not to feel upbeat.
Aunt Adele

Joobie said...

You worry because of how much this means to you. I know the feeling! It's hard, the worrying definitely wears on you, but I think being open to feel that much anxiety means you are also the sort of person who feels incredible highs of joy. You're just a sensitive gal. :)

As for the unmistakable bump -- woo! I can't wait to see it in person. Maybe at some point you can start taking the belly silhouettes and watching it (him or her!) grow? I felt uncomfortable in normal waistbands earlier than 13 weeks, but probably didn't feel very visible until more like 14/15 weeks. It is definitely a good feeling when you are clearly preggers rather than just bloated.