Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's A...

We had our *BIG* ultrasound today to find out that we are having a BOY!  And, oh man, if this little one is anything like his dad, I am in serious trouble!!

Honestly, I already know I'm in trouble.  That kid would not stop moving during the ultrasound!  He swatted at the "camera" right away, had the hiccups, sucked his thumb, did some tumbling and rolling.  But my favorite was when he yawned twice.  Mostly because it looked like he was laughing...and we do a lot of that in this house, so I think he'll fit right in.

As far as baby's health goes, I assume all is well.  We don't meet with our doctor until Monday.  But our technician was upbeat and lighthearted the entire exam, so that made me feel good.  It's like when I'm flying and get nervous...if the flight attendants are calm, then I'm calm.

I am so excited to finally find out what we're makes it so much easier to start planning the nursery, buying baby things and all that fun stuff!   Plus, I feel like I can connect so much more now.  No more calling him "it."  Of course, that brings up the fact that we don't have any idea of what to name him.  We had a girl's name picked out, but we just can't seem to decide (ie AGREE) on a boy's name.  So any and all suggestions welcome!  :)
Until then, Drew and I lovingly (and jokingly) have been refering to him as Hamish Obediah.  (Don't even's kind of been an on-going joke in our house for the last 4 months.)

So now that we know we're having a boy, I'll (hopefully) be posting on here a lot more with all sorts of adorable baby related things!  :)

Until then...  Lots of Love from Abbey, Andrew & Hamish Obediah  ;)


Mom said...

Our miracle baby already has a personality!! Can't wait to love on him in person and have him be a part of our family. So happy for you and Drew, and for this little boy who will have the best parents ever!!

andrew said...

Hamish is already trouble. If he's anything like I was as a child then we're done for.